Friday, February 28, 2014

Quarter Life Crisis

I just finished my manuscript tentatively titled Quarter Life Crisis. It is just over 35,000 words meaning depending on the font and page size will be between 150-200 pages long. Like I have mentioned before I have some pending offers with a couple of Publishing houses, dependent on the reading of the full manuscript. I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the final draft and subsequent publishing details (hopefully). Thanks for all the support and love. Let me know what you think, and tell your pals, geez. Below are a few more excerpts, not necessarily in order; disjointed and random just like I like it. Enjoy. There will be no more samples until the book is published. Be easy.

Excerpt I-

The disquiet I felt came mostly from the fact that I so rarely felt this way about a girl. It was like finding a small diamond on a dirt road, and then misplacing it. Losing the diamond is so distressing because you know how unlikely it is to find another rock so precious. Pebbles and muddied stones were all over, but they lacked any real value and often crumbled with ease. I knew there were other wonderful stones out there, but I knew it would not be easy to find another one.  

Excerpt II-

It was like viewing the Northern Lights; it was beautiful, even breath taking at moments, and for lack of a better word, magical. Alas, it was fleeting and we both were very aware of it. But you don’t watch the Aurora Borealis while discussing its brevity, you enjoy it. You take in the stunning vista and let the auroral colors consume you.

Excerpt III-

 There are myriad forms of kissing, but when it comes to passionate kissing, the kind that gets sloppy and requires extra oxygen, there are two types. They are both likely to produce a good time, but the first is more of a routine sort of recreation; it is fun but nothing special. It is exciting, but just a notch above being platonic. The second form of kissing mirrors the first in every physical aspect, but for some unknown reason it becomes chemical. It becomes much more than a monotonous flinching of facial muscles, and metamorphoses into an unexplainable force of kinetic energy. The Kissing that was had between us was of the latter nature. It’s like out faces were soul mates.