Monday, January 12, 2015

Brief Lecture on Frowns

Ok, I wrote this over a year ago and neglected to post it anywhere besides on an anonymous writing forum. It is very short, and resembles a poem more than anything else. At best it is a pithy paragraph. It is probably the kind of micro-prose that would be fine tucked away into a leather journal or an unread Word document, but I will post it for nothing else than my own satisfaction of seeing it in a more indelible light. And who knows, maybe one person will enjoy it, in which case it will have served part of its purpose.  

"Today I noticed a flurry of people around me had this strange and off putting thing below their noses and right above their chins. It seemed to come and go, always with a distinct motion. I did not like it. I could not surmise the exact cause of this bewildering facial malfunction. This terrible and enigmatic face disease seemed to have an immediate effect on these people's attitudes. It almost appeared to be mysteriously contagious, so I tried to stay away. I am confident this abnormality is not permanent. I just hope these people will find a way to rid themselves of this illness. Those who are not donning this peculiar deformity seem to be of a much more felicitous disposition."

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