Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tiny Tiny Poetry Post

In celebration of 22,000 pageviews (cause 22 is my second favorite number) I felt like I needed to post. I am busy working on my second book Return Not Desired and waiting tables. I am on the hunt for a literary agent and wife (not necessarily in that order). But in the meantime I have to write other things to placate my creative juices and wandering mind; short stories, character sketches and poetry. The other day I had an hour to kill before work so I perched myself onto a grassy hill by the mall, took off my shirt and started writing. Out came a tiny poem, almost a haiku, but a little longer and less structured in its stanzas. I love writing small poems because they are like dreams put to words, they are combinations of my thoughts, desires, and insecurities all blended up in a medley of subconscious regurgitation. Dreams often don't make much sense, but also aren't totally disjointed. If you look close enough, and dig deep into the soil you can find meaning, and such is so with poetry.

The symmetry of two flying birds
Intersecting unknowingly
Snow capped mountains cry in the background
The earth is still as the music plays
I sit and wonder in God's solemn rays