Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brief Biography

My name is Taylor Stephen Church, Billy Money is the pseudonym I have selected for this pilot of blog. I was born in 1987 in Seattle, WA and have since lived in 18 other cities, including but not limited to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Fairfax, VA. My passions are many. I love basketball. I love photography. I love history in its many forms. I am an omnivorous reader. I love geography and travelling, even if it is just to an obscure town in the United States, famous for nothing. I love people. Gregarious would be an appropriate word to describe me. I am a linguaphile. I currently know English, Portuguese and Spanish. I am working on Italian. I appreciate, but loathe mathematics. I make copious amounts of lists. I have documented every single book I have ever read, every movie I have ever seen, every restaurant I have ever eaten at, every municipality that I have ever stepped foot in. I know the names of every girl I have ever kissed. I have written pretty religiously in journals for well over a decade, and have filled some 15 journals. I am by definition an ectomorph, which is a fancy way of saying I am tall and skinny. I hold two things in the highest regard: God, and my family. Nothing else really matters. Although I consider friends to be nothing less than an extension of the family. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (See, and served a two year mission in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This experience in all its cliche glory changed my life for the better. I love music, and wish I had musical talent, alas I was left with nothing more than epic and awesome taste. I aspire to be a high school history teacher, head basketball coach, and author. I have been told by many friends that I should try my hand at stand-up comedy. I am reluctantly becoming open to the idea. I do not get along with animals. They all smell, and they all smell my fear. In summation, I am a pretty laid back gent whose life long goal is to be well read and to be awesome until the day I cease to exist on this sphere. Of course I desire a fair lady to be at my side. For it is not good that the man should be alone (Genesis 2:18). And a nice brood to go along with my putative wife.